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  •  No coding or design skills required to create a successful Campaign
  •  Designed for artists, labels, and agencies
  •  The goal of every Campaign is to reach the friends of current fans as well as the first generation fans themselves
  •  Campaigns are distributed by artists and fans via social media
  •  Dramatically expand the distribution of a Campaign by forming or joining a Collective (see below)
Beautiful. Simple.

Reasons to Create a Campaign?

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Create a Campaign to:close
  •  Get more people to listen to or view a release (audio or video)
  •  Sell more tickets to a show
  •  Move merchandise
  •  Grow your fan base

Rich Data

Presented Uniquely, Beautifully.
Data should be useful and visually pleasing. FanDistro data is presented in Campaign results pages and in Earned Media Value (EMV) analyses (see examples below):
  •  We developed an approach to estimating the value created by artists when they post to social media
  •  This approach concentrates on fan engagements with a post rather than the number of fans who may potentially see a post
  •  It also seeks to understand how different types of posts (like videos or images) drive engagement and EMV for an artist
  •  EMV data primarily is used in the context of Collectives (described below) to match and measure potential and actual social media activity for Collective members
EMV Analyses


The missing marketing strategy for artists
  •  Artists are invited to join a Collective by a Collective manager
  •  Each artist in the Collective supports each of the other artists with social media posts
  •  Each artist's social media posts are tracked and valued based on engagement levels using our EMV tool
  •  Everyone in the Collective knows how much value has been created by each member at all times
  •  Each member commits to generate a certain amount of media value for each of the other members
  •  Each Collective may have up to 5 members

Get Started

Create a Campaign, then create a Collective

  1. Create a Campaign. Be sure to offer fans a great incentive to Distro (share) your Campaign with their friends/followers. Click the "Create a Campaign" button below then click on the red button to add a Campaign from a template or start from scratch. Hint: select one of the templates for your first Campaign
  2. Start marketing your Campaign using the Distro button or link generator on the page where you edit your Campaign
  3. Why not get other artists to help market your Campaign in their networks? That's what Collectives are for. Set one up and invite other artists to join.
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